Saturday, November 17, 2012

#17 - Kilograms Instead of Pounds

The scale and I have a hate - love relationship!  I love it when it showing that regardless of how many pieces of birthday cake I ate I still lost weight.  I hate it when it refuses to "lie."  But I am determined, well not terribly determined yet - but working on getting determined, to make the scale and the truth match my imagination.

I have complained since arriving that I don't like the scale being in kilograms because it is way too much work to make the number change (1 pound = 2.2 pounds), but this morning I had a revelation.  I can use this conversion to my advantage.  Instead of want to lose 25 pounds, I only have to lose 11 kilograms.  Boy does that sound like a whole lot less.  Don't pop my bubble and tell me it is the same thing - let me live in my imaginary world!

Tomorrow I'll return to reality, but for today I am thankful that I can plot my loss with a lot smaller number!  Thank you Napoleon Bonaparte and the French who helped get the kilogram started!

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