FAQ about Partnership

Partnership is a new term and concept for many of our friends and family members, so here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

What is a partner? …….A partner is someone who joins with us either in prayer or financially.  They are not just someone who writes a check or says a prayer, but someone who is an essential team member actively involved in reaching Spaniards for Christ. They see their prayers and financial gifts as tools that God is using to reach a population that is less than 1% evangelized. They are just as important to the team as we are.

What is a faith promise?…...A faith promise is not a bill or a pledge, but a promise to act on faith. A faith promise is a financial promise to support the ministry on a regular plan based on faith. It is a step in faith saying that although we may not know all the financial curves around the corner, we do know that God has called us to partner today and promise to live in faith that He will continue to provide it. The average faith promise is $75/month—but there are promises from $10/month to $500/month. Some are individual promises, some are family, and some are businesses making promises.

Why do I have to mail a promise form to SEND?…..The promise form allows us to track our progress. SEND tracks our faith promise "health."  This is to keep us from being here without sufficient funds to live and do ministry. Although you know that you plan to partner, we don’t know that without the form. If you know you plan to start partnering at a date in the near future, you can even indicate that on the form.

What is the difference in an on-going partner and a one time partnership?…...An on-going partner supports us financially while we are on the field, they are helping provide for on-going expenses such as salary, housing, transportation, ministry supplies, and more. A one time partnership helps stand in the gap for those who have been unable to give or to help with special projects.

 What does the monthly partnership cover?…..The monthly amount covers all of our ongoing expenses - a modest salary which is to be used for personal expenses such as food, utilities, personal transportation, entertainment, clothing, house furnishings, taxes, health needs, savings, tithing/giving, retirement... (everything we would usually buy for ourselves); housing - which will be an apartment or townhouse, approximately 1200 square feet; medical insurance - we will have American insurance that will provide for private care in Spain, a country with socialized medicine; education - the kids will either attend the missionary school that speaks English or the public Spanish schools and have a tutor to help them keep up to par since they do not speak Spanish - it does not help pay for college; ministry supplies - all the ministry we do while in Spain; and administration support - SEND Intl will continue to provide support while we are on the field.

Can you be a "monthly" partner and give at some other interval?…..Yes, monthly partners can give monthly, quarterly, or annually.  On the partnership form there is a place for you to indicate the frequency of your partnership.  SEND will then calculate how much that comes out to per month and credit it accordingly.