Monday, January 31, 2011

Hating Jet Lag

I've been awake off and on since 2:30 AM.  Not going to make for a good day.  So the question is do you drink a lot of caffeine to survive the day or skip the caffeine in hopes of sleeping tonight.  Wish there was just some quick cure to readjusting the body clock.  Oh well, pray for patience and endurance as we all return to work or school.  Going to be a long day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


After several delays in Philadelphia, we made it home last night around 10:00 EST.  Our bodies are a little confused as to what time it is and our hearts are a little torn between our present home and our future home, but we are praising God for safe travels and a warm bed to fall into last night.

Thank you for your prayers through this trip.  We are a blessed family.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flights are Flying

It looks like our flight is going to fly today, so we will be home tonight.  Please pray for us as we travel all day (leave around 6:40 AM EST and arrive home around 8:00 PM EST).  Today was our recuperate day and we lost that to travel, so pray for quick recovery from jet lag when we hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

Can't wait to share pictures and stories with you in person.  We will be sharing our journey on Sunday, February 20 at 6:00 at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Greensboro.  Mark your calendar and join us.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still in Madrid

Well, we didn't have to say our good-byes this morning as expected - a snow storm in Philadelphia cancelled our flight.  We welcomed another day in Spain yet at the same time had to undo our mindset that had already begun to turn to Greensboro.

Since our vision trip officially ended yesterday, today we decided to try life as a new resident (with a big safety net).  So off to Madrid we went (our host had an appointment downtown so we tagged along).  Scott and Alex were dropped off at two museums and then used a map and cell phone to find their way back to our meeting spot. They enjoyed the museums, but definitely think it will be better when they can read the captions under the displays.

Hannah and I went shopping and to eat.  It was fun.  We ordered sandwiches and although we ended up with one that had anchovies on it (thank goodness it was on top and we could easily pick it off), our food was good.  We then found our way back to the meeting spot.  It was fun to try it on our own.

We then went to IKEA to get an idea of our choices and prices for setting up our apartment when we arrive permanently.  My head was whirling and I was grateful I didn't have to make choices today.  Anyone want to volunteer to come over with us and set up and decorate our apartment?

Tonight we went to the grocery store on our own.  What a challenge to wander the aisles and decide on what we could fix based on what was available and what we understood on the labels.  We then walked home (decided I'll get a granny cart when I arrive - potatoes and sugar are too heavy to carry home).  We didn't get lost and we planned a whole meal of fruit and cheese, garlic pork loin, mashed potatoes, green peas, fresh bread (served at every meal in Spain), and banana pudding.  Yum!

So tomorrow, we will try for good-byes again.  From what I understand, the rest of our life will be filled with good-byes, all part of the new path of life we have ventured down.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming Home or Leaving Home?

Our suitcases are packed and we've said a lot of good-byes, but we are processing so many emotions we are not sure which way we are going.  Are we coming home or leaving our new home? 

Pray for us as we begin the journey to Greensboro on Thursday.  We leave around 6:30 AM EST and arrive at the airport around 10:15 PM EST.  It will be a long day of travel and jet lag will be difficult to deal with, but tomorrow night we will lay our heads in our own beds.

We are ready to be done living out of suitcases and are ready to see Zach, just not sure which side of the ocean our hearts will be.

More to come in the following days about our last few days in Spain.  Keep praying, we have felt your prayers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reflections from my heart

Its quiet here - in the house we are staying in particular and in Spain in general.  This is such a quiet culture compared to America.  Will definitely take some getting used to.  But the quiet has given me time to reflect this morning - first in the still, dark morning with Jesus and then with Alex over breakfast.  So much lays on my heart today, so perhaps I'll share just a little.

  • God is faithful and gracious beyond measure.  I know that sounds like a "well, duh" comment, yet I realize that I don't always believe it.  Oh, I say it and act like it at times, but I don't always believe it to the depths of my heart.  If I did, I wouldn't be anxious and fret over things,  I'd truly trust Him.  I pray that over the coming days and years I will keep my eyes and heart on God and truly learn to trust Him before the doubts and anxiety come. 
  • I have lived a privileged life.  Yes, I have never been hungry or without shelter or even entertainment, but I don't mean in that way.  I grew up in a Christian home and I have never experienced the true hopelessness that comes from not knowing the creator of our universe.  I am meeting people here who have never heard that Christ died for a relationship with them.  They don't know what hope and life really look like.  I have taken this for granted for way too long.  We drove through a town the size of Kernersville that has no evangelical presence.  No light.  No hope.  How can that be in a country that has been around since before the time of Christ?  A country where Paul walked?
  • Coming home is going to be hard.  I was not prepared for this emotion.  I thought after ten days of being in a country where I understood no language and living with strangers I would be longing for home.  Yes, we miss family and friends from home and look forward to reuniting with them.  But, God has taken a piece of my heart and planted it here already.  That piece will remain here until we return.  We desire to be right smack in the middle of God's plan -including his time frame for returning, but we pray that He does not tarry.  Goodbye on Thursday is going to be much more difficult than I ever expected.
  • I cannot fathom the way God loves my children.  I try to protect them and keep them from harm, even in decisions to follow God's calling, yet He loves them more than I do and knows what they need and is faithful beyond my wildest imagination to care for them in ways greater than I even know they need.  I need to constantly remember this.  I may fail as a parent at times, but He never does.
Sorry, no pictures today.  It's still early morning for Spaniards so we are not out and about yet.  In a while we are headed to an open air market and then will be going to lunch in Alcala and off to a Spanish mall.  Finally, tonight we will lay our heads back where we started the trip.  Only two more nights here.  Pray for us as we begin to close the door on this trip and prepare for our return.  Pray we keep our eyes on Him - the perfecter of everything.

Monday, January 24, 2011


All week Hannah has wanted to see Don Quixote and the area around his birthplace.  Today we finally went to Alcala.  It is a very old town with streets that are more than 500 years old.  It is beautiful and what you would stereotypically think of in regards to a Spanish town.  We loved it.  One of our language school choices is in this area.  We could be very happy in this town. 

Which leads I'm sure to the question many of you are still asking - where exactly are you going to be when you return to Spain?  We don't know.  When we leave on Thursday we will have shared with the Area Director our impressions, preferences, and general ideas - about both the living area and the ministry opportunities.  We will continue to pray as well as the Area Council team members.  Discussions will occur over the coming months and we will narrow the placement down as we get closer to arriving.  Our timeline is solely based on when we reach 100% of our financial support and thus it is difficult to make concrete plans without a more concrete arrival time.  Ministry changes too rapidly as does housing choices.  So, we ask that you pray with us as we process our impressions and about how you may want to partner with us.

Here are a few pictures from our day in Alcala...

The Language of Worship

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend church in San Fernando.  By Spanish standards the church was large - about 50 -60 people in attendance.  The first hour was worship time followed by about an hour of teaching time.  I understood next to nothing, but it was quite evident that the Holy Spirit was present.  I was overwhelmed by the reminder that God is not an English speaking God, but a God that is not separated by language.  That I could worship Him in English at the same time that my neighbor worshiped in Spanish and God would hear.  I know that fact, but until you experience it you can't really "know" it. 

The people were precious and friendly and were truly there because they desired to worship the Lord together.  The place was filled with the Holy Spirit and we were blessed to have the privilege to be a part.

Last night we went to youth meeting.  Not all churches have enough youth to have their own youth group so many churches gather together at the San Fernando church.  Hannah was adopted by several college kids who spoke English and she was right at home.  It was so neat to be in a group of 25 or more youth who were talking with Christ as if He was standing right there in the room.  He was very real to the youth and they were seeking to know Him more deeply.  What a cool experience!  Hannah is ready to return (or perhaps stay)

Every prayer that we had for our children God has answered in greater ways than we could have imagined.  Makes me wonder why we ever doubt.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday (Saturday) we were privileged to spend a day in prayer with the SEND Spain team.  In all honesty, we actually attempted to pick dates that were before the day of prayer - thinking with only 10 days did we really want to spend one in prayer with people we didn't know?  There would be so much to see and do.

So by "accident" we actually picked dates that put the annual day right in the middle.  God knew so much more than we did where our time and focus was needed and in spite of ourselves allowed us to be there.  We drove back out to Siguenza and met for four hours of directed prayer.  The Holy Spirit was very present.  Each unit (family) shared a praise, ministry request, and family request and they and their ministries were prayed for.  Then in small groups we prayed for SEND across the world.  Next we prayed for those preparing to come to the field (which included us).  But lastly, we spent time lifting up the names of people we knew who does not know the Lord.  In a period of about 20 minutes more than 100 names were lifted to the Lord.  Humbled me to think of how few people I have influence with that don't know the Lord.  I often live in a church bubble and with fellow believers and never touch the lost. 

It was once again a great reminder of where the power to serve the Lord comes from (whether on a foreign field or in your back yard) - prayer.  It was encouraging and refreshing to meet with a team as they poured their hearts out to God.  To know that they too believe they can accomplish nothing without the power of the Holy Spirit and that continue to believer, no matter how much work there is to be done, that their first priority is to maintain and feed their own relationship with Christ.  Works without a personal, thriving relationship is useless.

We changed homes last night and are with the Davis family now.  They are from Chicago and their focus is youth ministry.  Their oldest loves science so he and Scott have spent much time in discussion.   It's fun to watch the two of them together.  Alex of course has made new best friends in this house as well and Hannah is enjoying adult talk.  It took very little time before we felt right at home.

This morning Deb was having her quiet time while I was catching up on this blog and she stopped and shared the verse she was studying - an ah ha moment so I'm sharing it with you.

James 1:19 - Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.  In Spanish the slow to become angry is translated as "slow to vent oneself."  Hmmm - gives the verse an entire different perspective.  Just a thought to ponder.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ahh Siesta

Sorry for the delay in writing - we are staying incredibly busy from morning to night.  Today is the first siesta we have taken.  This place is incredible!  The sights and sounds and smells are breathtaking.  I do not even know where to begin today's writing.

First - this trip is a testimony to the fact that God answers prayers.  Everything we have asked God for on his trip He has answered.  We have earnestly prayed that we as a family would all feel that this could one day be home.  Hannah and Alex have announced they are staying and will be waiting on us when we return fully supported.  And it's not just the adventure or the "rose colored glasses."  We have had time to talk each day and they point out the things that will be hard, yet it already feels natural to them. 

We have prayed that we would have unified hearts and minds as we visit different locations and learn of different ministry opportunities.  It has been true 100% of the time.  We have all had almost the same reaction to each possibility.

We have prayed that as we stayed in a variety of homes our families would blend together.  In each home we have stayed in we have felt at home.  The kids have meshed well and we have laughed and shared to all hours of the night. 

God is s very faithful!

As for details of the trip....

Yesterday we walked around the entire town of Guadalajara.  Guadalajara has a population of about 84,000 people.  There are thirteen evangelical churches in the city, 10 of which are very small pentecostal churches.  The church plant done by SEND averages between 30 and 50 and is one of the larger evangelical churches.  The struggle continues to be how to reach the Spaniard.  Immigrants are searching for evangelical churches yet the national has no need.  They have beautiful cathedrals and even new modern looking churches, yet they have no relationship.  The darkness in the life of Spain can be felt at times as you walk through the streets. 

We then drove out to a town named Yunquera.  It is about 10 km from Guadalajara.  The population is about 15,000 (not including the unregistered immigrants) and there is no evangelical presence there.  None.  (There is actually no evangelical presence in a 50 km area north of Gudalajara) That would be like there being no evangelical church in Kernersville.  (Lexington and Lumberton are also comparable sized towns)  This town is part of the strategic plan for the SEND team.  It is a little more rural, yet it has its own semi-professional "futball" team (known as soccer to us Americans). 

Last night we had merienda (the 5:00 snack) with four families serving here with SEND.  The ladies all sat together and shared our stories of how God had called us to serve and how we journeyed to Spain.  So encouraging to heart how God is faithful time after time.

Today we went to Arquietectura de Negro.  This is an area of Spain where the land is filled with slate.  The homes and walls are all made from slate.  We stopped and let the kids climb the rocks and walked around.  We saw a true shepherd - he was taking his flock of goats and sheep out for the day.  It was neat to see.  We then saw a bull wandering the streets and eating.  A little crazy.

Tonight we are going to kids club.  Can you tell why we might have needed a siesta today?

Tomorrow we meet with the entire SEND Spain team for several hours of prayer.  What a neat privilege to be a part of that. 

How do I sum up the trip so far?  God is faithful beyond measure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Castles and Cathedrals

Today we traveled to Siguenza (about an hour train ride north of where we have been staying).  It is a very old town (castles and cathedrals that date to before the time of Christ).  The town has about 5000 residents during the winter and as many as 15,000 in the summer.  The family we spent time with is the 1st known evangelical presence in the town.  They have started a small church which averages about 20 in attendance, all which are immigrants.  There are no known Spanish evangelical Christians in the town.  Stop and think about that - in a town that is older than the days of Christ there are no national evangelicals.  We walked a lot and saw lots of beautiful architecture and art, yet the reality of how much it reflected death was hard to miss. 

There are more than 350 towns with a population of at least 5000 in Spain that have no evangelical witness in them (that is defined as being 3 or more evangelical believers living in the town with a desire to reach others) or within a 5 kilometer distance outside of the town.  The need here is great. 

Our prayer is to return permanently by fall.   As you pray for our vision trip these next days, pray about partnering with us to reach one of these towns.  The need is great here.

Almost midnight here, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.  Thank you for your prayers - we can feel them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chocolate and Churros

For those of you who know me it will not surprise you to find out that my first breakfast in Spain included chocolate.  I went to a Ladies Bible study this morning and was served chocolate and churros (the rest of the family went to a restaurant for the same menu).  Spain has a hot chocolate drink that is very thick - almost the texture of a runny chocolate pudding.  It is served hot and you dip your churros (basically long sticks of fried funnel cake type dough sprinkled with sugar) in your drink.  When you have eaten your fill of churros you then use a spoon to finish off the chocolate drink (way too thick to drink).  I knew I was home for sure.

As for the Bible study - it was an interesting experience to sit with a group of women who are studying the Purpose Driven Life in a small group setting in women's homes.  I understood next to nothing they said (I did not have a translator), yet their passion was evident without understanding language.  In a country where you hear so much about how much Jesus has been rejected, it was like a light in the darkness to meet a group of women who were studying how to make their light shine even brighter.

We then took the train to Vicalvero, about a 40 minute train ride from here. This setting was much more of a big city environment.  We walked around the city as well as took the city bus.  On the way to the McDuffee home (a SEND family), where we were visiting we stopped at the bread store for bread to go with our lunch.  The restaurant could be smelled before we arrived and the bread we got was hot.  As we left, both kids said "I can live here."  (I am sensing a theme of accepting Spain as our homeland based on food choices).
It was exciting to hear how a church the McDuffees have worked with for years (pictured to the left) is nearing the ability to functioning as a stand alone church without the help of an outsider.  Prayers are beginning for how this church will now multiply.  Again, you hear so much about how hard the land of Spain is, so it is quite refreshing to hear that the Holy Spirit is moving and working here.

Mormon headquarters for Spain, Portugal, and France is located in Vicalvaro.

Mail Box (the kind on the street for anyone to put mail in)

Older Apartments in Vicalvaro

Kitchen in the Nordgren's Apartment

View from Nordgren Apartment

Monday, January 17, 2011

We are Home

Heading to bed, but just a quick update - we are home.  No, we have not left Spain and already returned to Greensboro, we are in Spain and we know we are home.  We have met two of the SEND team families today and feel like we have reconnected with old friends instead of meeting them for the 1st time.  We are home.  I expected it to have to "grow on us,"  but God is faithful and we know that when we leave here next week a little piece of us will remain behind while we return to NC to raise the rest of our support. 

I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

We are Here!

It is hard to believe we are finally here.  Our first impression?  Not what I expected.  Not as modern as I expected and not quite as old I expected.  Recognized more Spanish words than I expected.  Narrow roads.  Lots of traffic getting our of Madrid, but not too bad once we reached Azuqueca (not sure I spelled that right).  Lots of traffic circles.

Flights were smooth and uneventful.  Landed in Madrid about 25 minutes early.  We all got a little sleep on the plane.  Alex is especially feeling the lack of overnight sleep.  We are transitioning to the Spanish eating schedule today - lunch is at 2, snack is at 5, and dinner is at 9.  Wondering how many pounds I gain on this trip?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today is the Day

Can you believe it?  We actually leave today.  Watch the blog as I will try to keep it up to date with pictures and stories through the next two weeks.  If you miss it here, plan on being at Cornerstone on February 20 during the evening service as we'll share of our trip then as well.

In case you missed it before, here is our DAY BY DAY prayer card.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Off to finish the last minute packing - watch our Spain, here we come!

1 Day Before Spain

We leave tomorrow!!!  It is hard to believe it is finally here.  I was talking with a friend this morning about our trip.  It is a strange kind of one.  Doesn't feel like a vacation.  Doesn't feel like a mission trip.  The closest thing I can remember that felt the same was when we were moving to Michigan.  

We accepted a job in Michigan during the last month of my pregnancy with Hannah.  Scott had traveled to Michigan from North Carolina and met the people, toured the area, and looked at houses.  I stayed at home too pregnant to travel.  He then moved to Michigan when Hannah was a couple weeks old.  I finally followed for a house hunting trip about a month later.  We knew we were moving there, that decision was already made. I was just finally getting to see my new homeland.  This trip kind of feels the same way.

We know we are going there and we are just finally getting a picture of where we are going.  Difference is - all of us are walking into the unknown.  We are all excited and not in the least bit nervous (other than being worried I forgot to pack something).  God has been so very gracious in that respect.

Alex is probably the most excited.  If he sleeps at all tonight it will be a miracle!  If we are all sane by the time we arrive in Spain it will be a miracle!  This is like Christmas for him.  One more thing I am praising God for - He didn't call just Scott and I, God called us all to this journey and the kids are enjoying the ride just as much as us.

Pray for tomorrow morning as we try to remember all the last minute stuff.  Pray for great flights and connections.  And yes, keep praying about the house - 2nd showing had great feedback, still waiting for feedback from the 1st showing.  God's perfect timing.

Next post will be on our way to Spain.  Join us for the journey!

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Days Before Spain AND....

suitcases are open (and mostly empty) and the house is showing tomorrow twice!!!  Both people coming tomorrow are repeat lookers.  Keep praying!  We have prayed for weeks that the house would sell before we left for Spain... perhaps God is about to answer.

2 Days Before Spain

Two more nights in my own bed and we leave for Spain!  I am soo excited!  I handled the end of the logistics today, I think.  Getting ready to put the end of the laundry in the washer (although I expect tomorrow there to be a load that resurfaces).  Groceries bought for Zach.  Two days seems like forever now.

This morning I received an email about a family I have had a part in ministering to.  The family is Muslim and are in the United States as refugees.  They have been targeted by a gang because of some gifts they received.  Please stop and pray for them today.  Pray for their protection.  They speak no English so reporting the incident and protecting themself is difficult.  Pray for those who will continue to minister to them - for wisdom in how to minster and protection.  Pray that as Christians continue to reach out to them they will want to know why.

Even though I am excited about Spain I pray that I not miss a single opportunity in front of my eyes.  There are lost in my own backyard.  There are international opportunities right here in Greensboro.  May I not be so focused on the future that today leaves my sight.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 Days Before Spain

Many of you have asked what can you do to help as we prepare to leave and are gone for two weeks.  our biggest request is pray for us.  A day by day prayer guide is available to help you know how to pray.  You can also pick up a printed copy on the missions bulletin board at church on Sunday.  A second way to help is to look out for Zach.  He'll be home alone for two weeks - encourage him and pray for him (and maybe even feed him). 

Not long before we leave!

4 Days Before Spain

It's getting close.  Only four more days....

  • one more day of work
  • two more basketball games
  • one more grocery store run (food in the house for Zach)
  • one more stop at the dry cleaners
  • one more copy of emergency information to give out
  • gift list to make
  • suitcases are beginning to be filled
  • one more stop at the bank
  • one more Sunday School party
  • etc
The to do list is getting shorter.  I can't believe that we are not but 4 days from leaving.  Watch out Spain!  Here we come!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interesting Facts - Part 1

As the reality of our trip gets closer and closer I find myself wanting to learn more and more about Spain.  Thought I was share some of the interesting facts with you...

  • Greeks saw Spain as the land where Hercules' gold apples grew and the Arabs saw Spain as the ground floor heaven.
  • From 1492 - 1975 Spain had almost a 100% homogeneous culture - in ethnicity, religion, and culture.
  • Population of Spain is approximately 46 million - a little less than the population of California and North Carolina combined.
  • Spain is approximately the size of two Oregons - or 20 Spains could fit in the United States.
  • In the 1970's the birth rate was on average 3 babies/woman - it is now 1.5 babies/woman - one of the lowest birth rates in the world.
  • There are 4 official languages and 7 dialects spoken in Spain.
  • Spain regained its democratic style government in 1975.
  • There is proof of civilization that is more than 800,000 years old.
  • After Switzerland, Spain is Europe's most mountainous country.  Madrid (the area we will live in) is at 2165 ft, slightly lower than Pilot Mountain.
  • Spain was predominantly Christian by AD 325.
  • By AD 714 Muslims had taken primary control of Spain and maintained control until 1492.
  • When "Christianity" regained control of Spain, the Spanish Inquisition occurred - trials that searched for false converts to Catholicism.  If found guilty they faced imprisonment, beheading, hanging, or burning at the stake.
A very interesting country - more facts to come in the coming days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Days Before Spain

Oh my!  We are down to counting the days on one hand.... I am so excited that 5 days now seems like forever.

The roads are covered in snow and ice so today I am at home.  There are 5 loads of laundry on the floor and outfits are beginning to be laid out in various rooms.  Care packages are put together and camera batteries are charging.  Refrigerator is almost cleaned out.  Stop mail request has been sent in.  There are definite signs around here that a trip is coming soon.  It just adds to all the excitement.

I think of Zach in the middle of all of it.  He is not going with us on Sunday nor is he going with us when we move.  Pray for him as I know this is difficult on him - kind of stuck in "no man's land."  Pray for wisdom on his part as he is making daily life choices as well as future plans.  God has something unbelievable in store for him, we just wait to see what it is.  He hopes to be enlisted in the army before we leave.  His biggest obstacle at the moment is weight and body size, so if you see him encourage him - its hard to committed to running and exercising in 25 degree weather and his work out "buddy" is gone to another country for ten weeks.

Well, it's 26 degrees here in Kernersville (feels like 21) and 55 degrees in Madrid.  One more reason I am ready to get on an airplane!

6 Days Before Spain

We are almost down to one hand in the count down!  We are going to be on a plane before we realize it!

Today we got out itinerary for the 10 days we are in Spain.  That really made it feel real.  I'll post the itinerary as it gets closer, but we will be staying with three different families in Spain who have three very distinct ministries.  One is our supervisor and he and his family are involved in traditional church planting and ESL.  Another family is involved in sports ministries as well as ESL and some social ministries.  The last family has a strong focus on youth (which by the way, in Spain is defined as a much broader age group than here in America - teens through twenties).  We will also get a chance to attend worship, Bible study, and ESL classes. 

No news on the house showings, but God was gracious and the snow stayed away until after our showing today.  Keep on praying as we wait on God's perfect timing to answer yes. 

It's snowing here, finally.  School was cancelled lat night because snow was forecasted, but we didn't see any snow until about 3:00 this afternoon.  School is already cancelled for tomorrow.  Let it snow all it wants now, but please, oh please, by Sunday let it all clear out so that we can make our flights!

Monday, January 10, 2011

7 Days Before Spain

Oh my!  7 days = 1 week.  It is definitely time to get serious about getting ready to go.  Finished shopping today, I think.  One more trip to Target and I'll be done (or at least until we start putting things in the suitcases and discover what we forgot).  Hard to believe at this time next week we'll be in the air, halfway between America and Spain.  I do believe that the excitement is finally over taking all the other emotions. 

It has been a full day - we started the morning briefly sharing our story at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston Salem.  What a warm welcome we received!  Two other ministries presented as well (also hoping for financial support).  It was cool because one ministry was here in the state, one was in the United States, and ours of course was in Spain.  Judea, Samaria, and the Utmost Ends of the Earth all at one time.

We had open house this afternoon and although only one family came through, our realtor said they seemed interested.  Keep on praying.   No feedback from the family that saw it both Thursday and Saturday yet and if the weather cooperates we have another showing tomorrow morning.  Wouldn't it be fabulous for it to sell before we leave next Sunday?!

Tonight I read the following facebook post from a fellow worker in Spain - just sent chills up my spine.  God is moving in Spain and we can hardly wait to see it and experience it.  I know God doesn't need us to accomplish His plan, but it is exciting to be given the privilege to serve Him this way.

Capacity crowd at the Centro Evangelico-Cristo Vive Hoy worship service. In addition to a capacity crowd we had 5 new visitors. For the past 8 wks we have had at least 3 or more new visitors each Sun. Almost all of them returning for consecutive wks. It is so amazing and humbling to watch God build His church here in Guadalajara, Spain.

Countdown is on - tomorrow the suitcases come out of the attic!  This is definitely the ride of a lifetime!