Friday, June 17, 2011

35 Days

I just counted days on the calendar.  I just had my first "I can't do this" feeling.  Yes, we have 35 days to be out of our house.  I've moved in two weeks before so 35 days should sound like a luxury, but wait - this is not an ordinary move.  We have 35 days to sell, move, discard, or pack everything in our house.  At the end of 35 days the only things we wish to still have in our possession are the things going to Spain - a total of about 12 - 15 suitcases worth of stuff.  Anyone ready to have melt down with me now?

God has been faithful to this point so we have no reason to doubt God will be faithful in everything ahead as well - including the fact that we have 35 days, no wait - I leave for camp on Monday for 6 days, so we really only have 29 days - to deal with all the "junk" in our house, shed, garage, and storage building.

One of the biggest questions and decisions we have ahead of us is where are we going come July 22?  Since we would like to deal with all our "material" goods from this house we know that wherever it is needs to be furnished.  Also, since we know that there will still be a lot of details regarding a move to Spain that needs to be done, we would like for me to be able to step down from my job sometime in August, so it needs to be cheap. Other than that, we don't have an answer.

Do you have an extra furnished house nearby?  Perhaps an apartment over a garage or a basement with a kitchen and bedrooms?  Do you have a friend or relative with a vacant furnished house?  We are praying that God is going to provide in a creative way.  We will not fret or worry. 

Who knows, maybe by the time we close on the house we'll have our VISAs and 100% of our support and we won't need temporary housing after all.

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