Monday, February 28, 2011

What's It Gonna Take?

I was reading another missionary's blog today.  His family is raising support to go to Columbia as English as Second Language teachers.  His post was entitled - What is it going to take?  Made me ponder the same question.  And just in case you are wondering the same thing, I thought I'd answer.

What's It Going to Take to get the Hunter's to Spain?
  • Prayer - that seems simple, but is it really?  Prayer on our part - sometimes it seems like I am saying the same prayer over and over to God and just want to quit.  It is hard at times to be faithful doing what we know we are to do, regardless of the results.  Prayer on your part - God convicted me awhile back that I often say that I'll pray for someone and never get around to doing it.  God also convicted me that I use the "I'll pray for you" as a way to get out of the action God might be calling me to do.  It's easier than sacrificing or rearranging or actually doing. 
  • Finances - the part no one really wants to talk about.  We need financial partners to commit now.  We need 70 more partners at $100/month or 140 partners at $50/month or 35 more partners at $200/month or any combination from above to be fully supported.  We need to be at 50% of our monthly support by the end of March to arrive in Spain by the beginning of the school year.  We are at a little more than 30%.  Lots of people tell us they are praying about partnering - but we need commitments.  We need partnership forms.  AND Scott and I need to get bold in asking.  We know in our heart that we are not asking you for our benefit, but instead we are asking you to be a part of obeying the great commission with a very lost people group, but it still feels like "begging" at times.  Those times are when we need to get ourselves and our pride out of the way and let the Holy Spirit do His job.
  • Sell of the House - we need our house to sell.  What else is there to say about that topic?

Will you pray about joining us?  Will you allow us to come share with you about the blessing of obedience and partnership?  Do you know someone we don't know who would benefit from hearing of our journey?  Will you ask us for a partnership form? 

What is it going to take to get the Hunters to Spain?  You.

Time for Change

Decided it was time to give the blog a face lift.  Changed the background this morning - will let it sit for a little while and decide if I really like it or should I keep on looking.  What do you think?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Short Notice

Yesterday it was an hour notice, today it is two!  Yes - that is the notice we got before a house showing.  We are praising God for people wanting to see and praying that God will move one of these families to buy it!  Keep on praying - this whole house thing has gotten more than old!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

You are Invited!

Sunday night we will be sharing about our recent trip to Spain and the journey ahead of us.  If you are in the Greensboro area, we would love to have you join us!  Our church is located right by the airport.

Cornerstone Baptist Church
5736 Inman Road
Greensboro, NC 
6:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just have to say that I just love it when God does a great work on some one's heart and I get to be the benefactor. 

Once again I have been reminded today that God is trustworthy.  I can take my burdens to him and leave them there.  I don't even have to help him do His work.  He is totally capable.  Oh, if I could just remember this before I get all in a tizzy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Scott and I are taking this online class to learn to better share our journey and to understand support raising/partnership development from a Biblical perspective. The teacher describe the purpose of this process as:

My ministry is to connect believers with the blessing, the joy and the eternal reward of becoming the expression of Christ to the nations.

Been thinking about that all week.  And then Wednesday in walks a friend to my office.  I had cancelled our meeting but she didn't get the message, probably because God wanted to use her to encourage me and I didn't know it.

She was carrying this Hershey bank pictured to the right.  It was more than half full of change and getting very heavy.  She was afraid to hold on to it (I think God just nudged her to bring it knowing I needed an ounce of encouragement) in case it got too heavy to carry.  My first thought was how in the world would I ever eat that much chocolate syrup, but it wasn't full of syrup.

Pause in the story - just in case you do not know, I am a chocoholic.  I believe every day chocolate should be included in the diet.  It is definitely one of the major food groups.  I really see no need for dessert if it doesn't involve chocolate.

This dear friend is one of my most faithful prayer partners.  (I have been blessed with several ladies who stop life on a regular basis to not only pray for me and my family, but to meet with me and pray with me.)  She has wanted to be more of an expression to the people of Spain than prayer (although she does understand the great power and need for prayer).  So through prayer she found a way to be creative.

She collected her change.  There was more than $115 in the jar. Hannah cried when I told her the story.  I just sat and praised God for providing - not because I begged for money but because He touched lives and called them to obedience to the Great Commission.  The excitement in this friend's eyes told the whole story - she had found the joy and the eternal reward of becoming the expression of Christ to the nations.

How about you?  Have you discovered the blessing and the joy and the eternal reward of becoming the expression of Christ to the nations?   I find it more and more every day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

In Memory Of Mary Ellerbe Williams

This is such a perfect picture of times with the Ellerbe kids.  From left to right those pictured above are:

My mom - the 2nd oldest of the kids
Gene Ellerbe - the "baby" and only boy
Mary Williams - the oldest and first to meet Jesus face to face
Carol Coker - the youngest girl

When you get the four of them together there is always laughter.  There are stories to be told - some from a long time ago, some from yesterday - but they all end in laughter.  They "egg" each other on and love to include all those around in the sibling fun.  What a crazy group of adults, yet I have such distinct memories with each of them.

My Aunt Mary was diagnosed with Alzheimer's many years ago.  It was sad to watch her laughter slip away.  She lost almost all of her memory and then ability for her body to function.  I have not seen her in the last year, but I have talked about her and heard about her.  The one thing I have continued to hear in the reports is that she still remembers the old hymns.  She may have lost her memory of who her family and friends are or how to eat and walk, yet she still remembers how to praise the Lord.  Didn't surprise me at all that praise of the Lord she loved was what remained at the core of who she was. Has made me wonder when I reach the end of my life what is at the core of my mind that will remain to the end?

Mary had two daughters - Jacqui, who is slightly older than me, and Amy, who is slightly younger than me.  Needless to say when the Ellerbe kids got together the Ellerbe grandchildren were involved in the fun.  Jacqui, Amy and I (as well as the other grandchildren) all knew how to laugh right along with them.  We knew how to "egg" them on for stories too.  When we lived in Florida I would spend days with Mary and her kids.  I even remember I became a "woman" at her house.  

Peanut Butter fudge was her specialty.  She knew it was my favorite and if I was coming she fixed it.  Up until just a few years ago she made sure it was available whenever I showed up.  She tried to teach me to fix it, but finally gave up and just said "let me fix it for you."  I am hopeless at making fudge!

Mary met her Lord face to face on Tuesday.  After all the years of teaching Sunday School she is now experiencing all she taught.  I can only imagine her laughter in heaven today.  She will be missed here on earth, but I know without a doubt she is right "at home" in heaven and I will see her again!  What a peace that comes with that knowledge.  Just wonder, will she be able to make me fudge in heaven?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choosing to Cheat

I just recently read a book by Andy Stanley called Choosing to Cheat.  The premise of the book is that every decision you make equals choosing to cheat someone.  If I choose to go to a meeting after work, I choose to cheat my family from their time.  If I choose to skip the meeting and go home, I choose to cheat work.  If I choose to make going to the gym after work each day a priority, I choose to cheat the kids waiting on me at home.  If I choose to go home and not go to the gym regularly, I choose to cheat my physical health.  Get the picture?

Some cheating is healthy, some is not.  He then challenges the read to start deciding who you have been cheating too much and who you shouldn't be.  His litmus test.... figure out what "hats" in your life can only be worn by you and what "hats" can be worn by others.  For example, I am the only wife and the only mother in this house.  Yes, sometimes I have to cheat my husband and children, but the question is - do I cheat them more than I cheat other roles that are possible to be filled by others. 

Still confused, read the book - it made me do a lot of thinking about my life style and schedule.

But you know, God never speaks to you about something without having a purpose.  It has taken me about two months to get through the book - it is short and an easy read - just kept having to put it down and pray through and process through what he was writing about.  I confessed a need to examine my "cheating" and asked for strength to put into practice what God was convicting me of.  Be careful of that prayer!

Well, a dear aunt of mine died last night.  She is rejoicing today in heaven with Jesus, who she so dearly loved.  She is free of the horrible disease of alzheimer's and all that it stole from her has been restored.  I have many, many memories of times spent with her and there is nothing that will keep me from celebrating her homecoming with family on Sunday... or is there?

Saturday is pinewood derby and Sunday night is the Marriage conference.  I am in charge of childcare for 80+ children.  My first thought was "maybe I shouldn't go."  But then that still, small voice said to me "what 'hat' is the only one you can wear and what other 'hats' can others wear?  Ouch!  I'm not indispensable.  I am replaceable. 

It might not be the popular decision.  It might not be the easiest decision.  But I will choose to "cheat" the childcare and pinewood derby - others are capable of helping in those places - and I will be at Aunt Mary's homecoming celebration.  You know, there is some freedom in "cheating."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sometimes life is just lemons and there is no way I can make lemonade from it.  Well, today I fell into a whole truck load of lemons and the only one possible of turning this into lemonade is God.  Praying for lemonade to start flowing out of this situation.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here We Go Again

I have decided that all potential house buyers should turn off HGTV for at least 30 days before they begin house shopping.  That way they will be looking at reality instead of perfection.  Between the number of houses on the market and the popularity of HGTV our house selling journey may put me in the "looney bin." 

We have decided to tackle repainting/painting portions of the house.  The house has been on the market for 15+ months so even what we did before we put it on the market looks like we have been living in the house (which by the way, we have been).  So this weekend I painted Alex's room and the dining room.  (Thanks to Kristi Jent I got father on Friday than I expected - friends are such a blessing!).  I am a messy painter so I tape everything, and removing the tape was on today's to do list.

We have also decided to refinish the floors.  Almost our entire downstairs is wood floors and they need to be stripped and refinished.  We have to be out of the house for two nights while they work here for three days.  Can't afford the dustless companies, so am going to be cleaning dust up for days (or maybe weeks).

So imagine my house today - painted all weekend and preparing for floors to be done tomorrow - planning for lunch with Zach and Hannah (Alex and Scott are at soccer field) and as we walk into the restaurant I go to turn the sound on my phone on and there is a voicemail and a text message - you got it - the house is being shown this afternoon.

Flew through lunch and headed home to a frenzy of cleaning.  I sure wish God would just send me a billboard with the lesson I am supposed to be learning through this realty journey or tell me which showing will be the one that sells it - cause I'd like to "pull over to the curb" in this house selling segment.  I'm waving the white flag - I surrender.  I'm done. 

Pray for endurance and patience.  Pray for the house to sell.  Pray for laughter in the midst of it all. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Truly God or a Wimpy Look-alike?

One more blind curve in the journey - one more unexpected twist - one speed up that came without a forewarning, yet -

God wasn't surprised.  God has the entire road map.  He not only  knows it but planned it, yet -

I paused for a moment in fear.  Fear that the curve might blindside God.  Fear that the journey might end in a crash instead of giving Him glory.  Fear that failure is just one step away, yet -

I realized yesterday in the middle of this twisty section of the journey that I had a choice to make - either choose to believe that the God I trusted before this twist was still the same God in the middle of it, or He wasn't much of a God and perhaps I should rethink this whole "selling all our worldly goods and moving to the other side of the world to follow His calling."  I know, that sounds a little harsh, but its true.  He is either a God that is not changed by circumstances or He isn't much of a god at all. 

But what is my pattern?  Forget the power of the God I say I serve and trust and reduce him to some wimpy god who can be defeated by simple circumstances that come into my life.  As I processed that thought I was humbled.  I was broken and I had to repent.  Then, I had to make the choice - because not choosing was not an option.

My choice - through tears and crying out to God - was He is the same God in the midst of the turns and twists of the journeys of life as He was before and will be after.  The same God who allowed the Israelites to not only cross the Jordan river in the middle of flood season, but allowed them to walk on land that became dry instantly, is the same today.  I will choose to trust in Him.  I will rest in His plan and allow Him to be the God I know that He is and I will not reduce him to some wimpy thing that my simple mind can conceive.

Ahh - what peace that comes from such a decision.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tonight I am blessed to get to share our journey with a group of women from Central Baptist Church in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.  My prayer is not that they hear my story, but instead they hear a story of a God who is more faithful than we could ever imagine and that God uses the ordinary woman (and men) to reach the world.  You don't have to be a superhero, because God is the only super "hero" needed.