Saturday, March 31, 2012

Driving, One Last Time...

Monday afternoon I take my theory test so this weekend has been filled with cramming for the exam (as well as a 20 kilometer bike ride).  I spent 5 hours in front of the computer at the driving school yesterday taking practice tests and just had to do one more "Can YOU pass the Spanish driving test?" post.

These are exactly as they were on the test - I promise.  The typos are not mine, it is exactly how they were!  Enjoy studying with me.

1.  Traveling on a heavy congested road...

A.  delays the appearance of fatigue.
B.  is not a circumstance that affects fatigue
C.  benefit the appearance of fatigue

2.  A contributing factor to driver distraction is...

A.  high ambient brightness
B.  low ambient brightness
C.  exceeding straightforward traffic situations

3.  Must you switch off engine when you get out to unload luggage?

A.  no, only leave the hand brake on
B.  yes, and besides you must also disconnect the starter or contact system
C.  no, not necessary if it is a brief period

4.  Not exceeding the 50 km/h speed in town is important?

A.  no, especially in wide streets and avenues
B.  yes, in case a pedestrian is run over he/she is more likely to survive.
C.  Yes, but only not to be fined for over speeding

5.  What makes breaking distance increase?

A.  speed only
B.  Disc brakes
C.  snow or ice on road

6.  Main cause of accidents produced by mechanic failure in the vehicle are:

A.  steering malfunction
B.  tyres malfunction
C.  braking malfunction

7.  As speed increases

A.  the visual field decreases delaying fatigue appearance
B.  the visual field increases bursting out fatigue
C.  the visual field decreases bursting out fatigue

8.  When experimenting symptoms of tiredness/drowsiness the drive should...

A.  drive faster in order to reach destination as soon as possible
B.  take stimulant substance and keep on driving until he/she reaches destination
C.  park vehicle and rest as long as necessary

9.  Is stopping at a junction on an urban road not allowed?

A.  yes, always
B.  yes, when vehicle cornering is hindered
C.  absolutely not

10.  Where should pedestrians cross squares or roundabouts?

A.  along shortest path
B.  bordering them
C.  perpendicular to road's axis

11.  What is a detention?

A.  stop for any reason
B.  Stationing without getting out of the vehicle
C.  immobilization of vehicle because of traffic

12.  Is a motorcycle allowed to ride on a hard shoulder?

A.  no, never
B.  yes, but cannot ride side by side with other vehicle
C.  no, he/she must go on the road


1.  C
2.  B
3.  B
4.  B
5.  C
6.  B
7.  C
8.  C
9.  B
10.  B
11.  C
12.  C

Watch Out Moldova!

Hannah and 12 other high school students and two adults left this afternoon for Moldova.  They will be working with an orphanage, mingling with a youth group from a local church, doing community evangelism and outreach, and ending the week by spending time with other missionary kids.  The mime team will have many opportunities to perform an evangelistic skit.  Hannah is playing the lead character in this skit.  Below is an outline of her schedule - please keep her and the rest of the team in your prayers!

Friday, MAR 30
  • Depart Madrid; fly to Bucharest, Romania
Saturday, MAR 31
  • Drive vans to Zirnesti, Moldova (5 hours)
Sunday, APR 1
  • Worship in local churches, visit local orphanage, meet with local youth from churches for games, activities
Monday, APR 2
  • Work teams on projects (one major project will be the demolition of a decaying building on a neighboring piece of property from the orphanage)
  • Outreach and Evangelism
Tuesday, APR 3
  • Work teams on projects, visit local town of Cahul for outreach and evangelism
Wednesday, APR 4
  • Work teams on projects, youth meeting with youth from the local churches
Thursday, APR 5
  • Drive to Bucharest, Romania
  • Connect with students from Bucharest Christian Academy
  • In homes of BCA students
Friday, APR 6
  • Sightseeing in Bucharest
  • Depart Bucharest and return to Madrid

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easing Into It

Been awhile since I wrote an update post.  So much so far has had to do with driving that I bet you think I am doing nothing except studying for my driving exam... well, you are close to right, but life does continue regardless.

This week brings major changes in our life, but major changes are becoming the norm.  I never thought I would say that!  I have always been one to fight change.  But oh well, at least with change we are never bored.

But life is allowing for me to "ease" into this change.

Today is a day for chilling and laundry - both figuratively and literally.   The temperatures have dropped and the wind has picked up.  Definitely hoping the warm weather returns soon!  It's Dia del Padre so no public schools.  Alex and I are watching movies and having a laid back kind of day.  Even have left over chicken and dumplings to make it a little more comfy kind of day.

Tomorrow I will go to the formal language school (where Scott has been going since we arrived) to take a placement test.  Beginning on Wednesday I will join Scott as a full time student, or almost.  The language program offers 3 classes per day, I will only be taking two, whereas Scott will continue to take all 3.  I am a little nervous about the test, but more nervous about the change in schedules this will require.

We will then find out on Wednesday what our schedule looks like.  We could both go to school in the morning or one of us in the morning and one of us in the later afternoon.  We are trusting God to provide the best schedule - whatever that might be.

In the first 9 days of class I will miss 5 classes.  I just pray I can keep up - with the schedule, class, and driving.

I am going to Germany in one week for the SEND Europe Women's Conference.  I am looking forward to the chance to experience fellowship and refreshment.  I am also praying it is only four days, however, the day we are to fly back to Spain the Transportation Unions of Spain have declared a strike - still waiting to see how that affects our flights home.

And then the next Monday (April 2) I will take my written driving license exam.  I am praying that I pass on the first try, but if that happens it will truly be a miracle!

And just to ease a little more, Spring Break comes right after that.  However, come April 9 I am in for a rude awakening!  No more easing into it - it will be full time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Right of Way

Yep - still studying for my driving license....


On this narrow stretch with no right of way signaled, when there is a doubt as to who entered it first, which of the following vehicles would have right of way over the others/

a.  A car
b.  An animal - drawn vehicle
c.  A bus


Should we cover the injured in a traffic accident?

a.  Yes, as a general rule, to prevent them sweating
b.  Only in the summer
c.  Only in the winter


What air pressure should the spare tire have?

a.  The highest pressure setting recommended by the manufacturer.
b.  The pressure recommended by the manufacturer for spares.
c.  The same as the rest of the tires.


On a one-way carriageway with no road markings, how many lines can exist with an eye to their use?

a.  As many lanes as there are lines of automobiles able to travel in parallel, depending on the width of the carriageway, and not including motorcycles.
b.  It depends on the width of the carriageway, remembering that each lane has to have a width of at least 6 m.
c.  Only one lane, regardless of the width of the carriageway.


What should I do in this intersection?

a.  It is obligatory to stop at the stop line.
b.  Stop before the transverse line to yield way if a vehicle is coming from the right.
c.  Continuing driving because the road marking gives me the right of way.

1.  b, 2.  a (I promise this is the right answer), 3. a, 4. a, 5. b.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Read Carefully

Here is what the driver's book says about this picture:

Series of bends, first to the left
Danger due to the proximity of a series of bends (curves), first one to the left.

Now answer this question:

This sign indicates danger because you are approaching
a.  a series of bends close together, the first one to the left
b.  two bends close together, the first to the left, the second to the right
c.  a dangerous bend to the left

If you chose "c" you are correct.  But why not a or b?

a.  "close together" - the information regarding the sign says that you are in the proximity of the bends, but not that the bends are close together.

b.  "two bends" - it doesn't tell you there are only 2

c  yep - that's it - not a complete definition but nothing added to the definition so that makes it right

So are you praying a little harder for me as I study for this test now?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Driving Test

After an 18 hour theory class I am now studying for my driving exam.  It is a very different process than the tests in the United States - covering a lot of information we are not required to know.  In addition, the questions are worded in such a way that you have to read slowly and carefully.  You get 30 minutes to answer 30 questions.  Over the next couple of weeks I will post some of the more "interesting" questions as I prepare to take my theory exam.  I am praying to be ready to test the first week of April.

1. If you remove the key while the vehicle is in motion, what happens?
  • a.  Only the engine turns off.
  • b.  The engine turns off and the steering wheel locks.
  • c.   You save fuel.

2.  Are you permitted to drive a farm tractor weighing over 3,500 kilograms of maximum authorized mass with a class B (that is what I am trying to get) driving license?
  • a.  No, because it exceeds the 3,500 kilograms of maximum authorized mass.
  • b.  Yes, if the maximum authorized speed does not exceed 40 kilometers per hour.
  • c.  Yes, if it is carrying fewer than nine people, including the driver.
3.  When changing direction at a junction you come upon a flock or herd crossing the carriageway.  there is no animal crossing sign posted.  Who has the right of way?

  • a.  I do, as no animal crossing is posted.
  • b.  The livestock.
  • c.  It depends on whether they are on my left or right.

4.  What does this sign indicate?  
  • a.  A level crossing with or without barriers, for more than one train track.
  • b.  A level crossing with barriers, for one or more than one train track.
  • c.  A level crossing without barriers for more than one train track.

5.  You should not take alcohol before driving because, even in small quantities, alcohol can cause, among other things, ....
  • a.  reaction time to increase, while not reducing the distance covered in that time.
  • b.  reaction time to decrease, as well as the distance covered in that time.
  • c.  both reaction time and the distance covered in that time to increase.

Answers:  1.  b, 2. c, 3. b, 4. c, 5. c

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Texas Sheet Cake

My favorite chocolate cake - simple and delicious!


2 sticks butter
1 c. water
4 Tbsp cocoa
2 c. flour
2 c. sugar
1/2 c. sour cream
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp soda
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs, beaten

Put butter, water and cocoa in saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Take off heat and add remaining ingredients.  (I use a hand mixer to blend it all together, but you can do it by hand as well)

Grease and flour 9 x 13 pan.

Bake at 350 for about 35 - 40 minutes or until center is done.


1 stick butter
4 Tbsp cocoa
6 Tbsp canned milk
1 box powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Combine butter, cocoa, and milk in saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Take off heat and add remaining ingredients.  Pour over cake while cake is hot.