Friday, March 1, 2013

The Life of a Stone

How can something the size of a pea cause so many problems?

I haven't felt great for about two weeks.  I assumed I had a urinary tract infection, but unless there are no other options, I avoid going to the doctor here at all costs.  Not because the medical care isn't good, but because navigating the medical system in a foreign language is just a big headache.  If it was just language it wouldn't be so bad, but it is not only language, it is a whole different system.  Everything is done differently.

Monday I gave in and went to the doctor.  Nope, not an infection, but instead a kidney stone.  That was definitely not part of DELE prep plan.  While waiting for the next scan, the stone decided it was done with my body and would move on out of there!

Wednesday night I thought I was dying.  Not from the pain, but from nausea.  At one point I made Scott promise me that when I actually am dying he will do whatever it takes that I don't experience nausea in my final hours.  I know, crazy!

After nearly forty eight hours of nausea, sleeping, pain, and fretting over what I really should be doing, I have finally returned to the land of the living.

Scott has been a great nurse, substitute mom, and foot massager.  He has definitely earned several gold stars!

84 days until the DELE - it is time to return to the books!